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Last revise May 28,2021

We all know that Tangleboxing was a fantastic adventure that gave people a fun experience during the summer months and helped them learn about their local parks. Due to the Covid-19 virus and the uncertainty surrounding the future of group activities we have shifted the adventure in 2021 to a product that doesn’t require physical touching. We have removed the Tanglebox and stamps and have replaced them with letter signs scattered throughout the listed parks that one can simply copy into the passport without having contact with anyone or anything.

Summer Puzzle Quest
Begins: June 14, 2021, and
Ends: September 24, 2021

Instructions for the Summer Puzzle Quest

1.  Purchase a passport from one of our local vendors for $5. This cost covers the expenses of printing the signs and passport, and the prizes.

2.  Visit all 10 parks listed in the passport. Remember to bring a pen or pencil!

3.  Follow the clues on each park page in the passport to find a sign showing a pair of letters somewhere in that park.

4.  Once all the letter pairs have been recorded, recombine the pairs to spell something of importance to Yamhill County Parks.

5.  Write the letters on the back page of the passport, cut it off and mail it in to be eligible for 3 prize drawings to be done in October. Don’t forget a stamp.

Passports go on sale June 14th at the following locations:

Inchoots               Kraemer’s Garden & Pet               McMinnville Public Library                 Amity City Hall

Chehalem Cultural Center                  Yamhill City Hall               Larson House                  Carlton Corners

Social Good Beer and Pizza                     Yamhill County Fairgrounds & Rodeo                      Hopscotch

Please do not share your results with others! If you have questions, post them on the Yamhill Parks Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/YCParks

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