Yamhill County Job Class Ranges



              4       -           OFFICE SPEC. I
                                    LABORER I
                                    PROBATION OFFICER INTERN
             5         -           FLAGGER
                                    LABORER II  
             7         -          OFFICE SPEC. II
                                    VOCATIONAL TRAINER    
             8         -          SWITCHBOARD
                                    ACCOUNTING CLERK I
             9         -          PARTS CLERK
                                    ENGINEER/SURVEY AIDE
                                    DATA PROCESSING TECH. I
             10       -          FACILITIES WORKER I
                                    ACCOUNTING CLERK II
                                    CARTOGRAPHIC TECH. ASST.
                                    PROBATION OFFICER AIDE
                                    SENIOR OFFICE SPECIALIST
            11        -          MECHANIC ASSISTANT
                                    HUMAN SERVICES TECH
                                    INVENTORY CONTROL CLERK
                                    UTILITY WORKER
             12       -          SENIOR ACCOUNTING CLERK
                                    OFFICE SPECIALIST TECHNICIAN
                                    JUVENILE DETENTION TECH
                                    NURSING ASSISTANT
             13       -          CARTOGRAPHIC TECH
                                    DATA PROCESSING TECH II
                                    BLDG. INSPECTION ASSISTANT
                                    FACILITIES WORKER II
                                    PERMIT SPECIALIST
                                    MEDIUM EQUIPMENT OPERATOR
             14       -          ADMIN. OFFICE SPEC.
                                    ENG/SURVEY TECH I
                                    HUMAN SERVICES ASSOC.
                                    APPRAISER TRAINEE
                                    LEGAL ASSISTANT
                                    ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN                                
                                    COMMUNITY SERVICES WORK CREW SUPERVISOR
             15       -          ASSISTANT PLANNER
                                    APPRAISER I
                                    ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST I
                                    JUVENILE DETENTION SPECIALIST
                                    HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR
             16       -          FACILITIES WORKER III
                                    JUVENILE PROBATION OFFICER I
                                    PROGRAM COORDINATOR
                                    UTILITY COORDINATOR
                                    PUBLIC WORKS TECHNICAL SPECIALIST
             17       -          GIS ANALYST
                                    ENGINEER SPECIALIST II
                                    SURVEY SPECIALIST II
                                    HUMAN SERVICES SPECIALIST I
                                    DATA ANALYST (HHS)
                                    COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST I
                                    CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL
             18       -          ASSOCIATE PLANNER
                                    APPRAISER II
                                    MECHANIC LEAD WORKER
                                    SENIOR CARTOGRAPHER
                                    COMPUTER SPECIALIST- ENGINEER
                                    JUVENILE PROBATION OFF. II
             19       -          BUILDING INSPECTOR I
                                    PROGRAM SUPERVISOR
                                    PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE (NURSE II)
                                    COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST II
                                    FACILITIES MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST
             20       -          GIS ANALYST II
                                    SENIOR SURVEY SPECIALIST
                                    SENIOR ENGINEER SPECIALIST
                                    APPRAISER III
                                    ENVIRONMENT HEALTH SPEC. II
                                    HUMAN SERVICES SPEC II
                                    MANAGEMENT ANALYST – PLANNING
             21       -          BUILDING INSPECTOR II
                                    DEPUTY DISTRICT ATTN. I
                                    SENIOR PLANNER
                                    SENIOR OPERATOR/PROGRAMMER
                                    ENVIRONMENT HEALTH SPEC. III
             22       -          HUMAN SERVICES SPECIALIST III
             23       -          BUILDING INPSECTOR III (ELECTRICAL)
                                    ENVIRONMENT HEALTH SPEC. III
             24       -          NURSE PRACTIONER (NURSE III)
             26       -          DEPUTY DISTRICT ATTN. II
                                    SENIOR PROGRAMMER/ ANALYST
             28       -          SYSTEMS ANALYST



                         7         -          OFFICE SPECIALIST II
                        10        -          SENIOR OFFICE SPECIALIST
                        14        -          ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE SPECIALIST
                                                EXECUTIVE OFFICE SPECIALIST
                        15        -          VETERANS SERVICE OFFICER
                        16        -          COMMUNITY RESOURCES COORDINATOR (CCF)
                                                EXECUTIVE OFFICE SPECIALIST – COMMISSIONERS’ OFFICE
                        17        -          PARALEGAL
                                                OFFICE MANAGER
                        19        -          PROGRAM SUPERVISOR
                                                DEPUTY TAX COLLECTOR
                                                ROAD DIVISION SUPERVISOR
                                                SHOP DIVISION SUPERVISOR
                        20        -          MANAGEMENT ANALYST
                                                OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY
                                                JUVENILE PAROLE OFFICER SUPERVISOR
                                                JUVENILE DETENTION SUPERVISOR
                        21        -          ASSISTANT COUNTY COUNSEL I
                        22        -          CCF DIRECTOR
                                                PARKS COORDINATOR
                        23        -          SENIOR MANAGEMENT ANALYST
                                                APPRAISING SUPERVISOR
                                                DEPUTY CLERK
                        24        -          PROGRAM MANAGER I (HHS)
                                                FACILITIES MAINTENANCE MANAGER
                        25        -          BUILDING OFFICIAL
                        26        -          PROGRAM MANAGER II (HHS)
                                                HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER/RISK MANAGER
                        27        -          ASSISTANT PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR/SURVEYOR
                                                PROGRAM MANAGER III (HHS)
                                                ASSISTANT COUNTY COUNSEL II
                                                JUVENILE DETENTION MANAGER
                                                DEPUTY CORRECTIONS MANAGER
                        29        -          FINANCE MANAGER
                                                JUVENILE DIRECTOR
                        30        -          PLANNING DIRECTOR
                                                COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS MANAGER
                        31        -           SENIOR DEPUTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY
                        32        -           PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR
                        36        -          INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER/GIS
                                                HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES DIRECTOR
                        38        -           ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DIRECTOR

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