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Yamhill County Clerk e-Recording Land Records

The Yamhill County Clerk’s Office records electronic land (e-recording) documents that affect title to real property through Simplifile and other providers which saves time, money and improves the efficiency of document recording for customers. Although customers can submit documents via traditional methods, customers are also able to file documents on their own schedule-right from their desks.
Advantages of e-recording

  • Reduced labor, materials, postage, and courier costs
  • Recording time reduced from days to minutes
  • Fewer rejected documents and faster corrections
  • Fewer fee errors
  • Increased security in sending and receiving documents
  • Improved tracking and filing of documents
  • Reduced consumption of fuel, electricity, and paper

The office is prohibited from

  • Giving legal advice
  • Helping fill out documents
  • Suggesting what type of documents to use
  • Accepting illegible documents
  • Recording documents other than those specified by Oregon and federal law
If you need help with finding an Oregon attorney, you may visit the Oregon State Bar's Lawyer Referral Service website, or call 503-684-3763 or toll-free within Oregon at 800-452-7636.

When a document is received for recording, it is checked for compliance with Oregon recording statutes. If a document cannot be recorded, it is returned to the sender with an explanation of what is wrong. As a document is recorded, an index is created, and the image scanned for document retrieval.
The Yamhill County Clerk’s Office will accept all standard land records where transfers of ownership take place, including deed, mortgages, trust deeds and reconveyances.

CSC (Corporation Service Company) e-Recording Solutions
2711 Centerville Rd Ste 400
Wilmington, DE 19808-1646
EPN (eRecording Partners Network, LLC)
400 2nd Ave S Ste 125
Minneapolis, MN 55401-2401
Indecomm Global Services
1260 Energy Lane
St. Paul, MN 55108
5072 North 300 West
Provo, UT  84604-5652
For more information about e-Recording in Yamhill County, call our office at 503-434-7518 or our primary vendor, Simplifile, at 800-460-5657 or visit simplifile.com.

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