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April 23, 2021 - Responsive Records to February 2021 Public Records Request.
The following links provide access to records released in response to a public records request regarding the Yamhelas Westsider Trail. A copy of the responsive records released by Yamhill County, together with additional outside agency records, were provided to the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners on Friday April 16, 2021 by the requestor, Salem attorney Steve Elzinga. On April 22, 2021, the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners directed that all of the records received from Mr. Elzinga be posted to the Yamhill County website. The following records include Yamhill County’s responsive documents, as well as the other outside agency records Yamhill County received from Mr. Elzinga and that Yamhill County understands to have been previously released by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Governor’s Office to Mr. Elzinga pursuant to a proper public records request. Yamhilll County makes no representations as to the accuracy or authenticity of any of the outside agency records and disclaims any and all liability related to the possession, use or disclosure of such outside agency records.
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Yamhill County has been actively working with citizens, local businesses, partner agencies including the cities of Carlton, Yamhill, McMinnville, and Gaston, Washington County, Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, and the National Parks Service, and the Friends of Yamhelas Westsider Trail, on the proposed acquisition of approximately 9 miles of the abandoned portions of the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way from Hagg Lake to OR 99W, near McMinnville. The 17-mile-long former railway corridor (both the abandoned portions and the portions still in use by UPRR) is located in the heart of scenic Oregon Wine Country and provides linkages between four cities and two counties. The acquisition would preserve abandoned portions of the railway in one single public ownership and address multiple transportation needs, including pedestrian and bicycling while, providing the opportunity to purchase the active portions still in use by UPRR at a future date.
The project is identified in the 2009 Carlton Transportation System Plan (TSP) as a priority pedestrian and bicycle improvement project. The path will provide a safe off-street facility for commuters, school trips, recreational use and other local trips in Carlton and Yamhill. Yamhill County adopted an amendment to add the Yamhelas Westsider Trail to the Yamhill County TSP in December 2012. The original TSP, adopted in 1996, includes a policy objective of pursuing the conversion of abandoned rail lines to trails that connect with the County's trail/bikeway system. Yamhill County's TSP update, adopted in 2015, specifically includes the Yamhelas Westsider Trail. The project is also consistent with policy objectives provided in the 2003 Yamhill County Parks and Open Space Master Plan, as well as the 2009 Yamhill County Agri-Business Economic and Community Development Plan, which indicates the need for transportation infrastructure and amenities, such as trails, to further support agri-tourism economic development efforts. The project is primarily in Yamhill County; however, a future portion of the abandoned corridor north of Gaston is in Washington County, and Washington County has identified this proposed project in the Washington County TSP.

Transportation and Other Plans

2015 Yamhill County Transportation System Plan
Ordinance 880 Amending Yamhill County TSP
Yamhill County Parks and Open Space Master Plan (PDF)
2009 Yamhill County Agri-Business Economic and Community Development Plan
Proposed Transportation Systems Plan Amendment and Farm Impact Findings

Yamhelas Westsider Trail Purchase and Sale and Donation Agreement
Yamhelas Westsider Trail Purchase and Sale Agreement, Amendment  

Oregon Department of Transportation’s Transportation Enhancement (TE) Grant (Acquisition)
Agreement (BO 13-739)
Right of Way Services Agreement (BO 14-382)
Contract for Appraisal (BO 14-111)
Amendments to Appraisal Contract:  (BO 15-071)
Donation (BO 13-175)
Oregon Parks and Recreation Department Local Government Grant (Acquisition)
Application (BO 15-060)
Resolution (BO 15-103)
Agreement (BO 16-013) 
Amendment (BO 17-441)
National Park Service RTCA (Technical Assistance)
RTCA Letter (BO 14-457)
Oregon Department of Transportation Connect Oregon VI Grant (Bridge Design and Construction) 

Oregon Transportation and Growth Management Program (TGF) Grant for the Yamhelas Westsider Trail (YWT) Master Plan project

Application (Approved via Board Order 17-200 
ODOT TGM Award Letter
2D-18 Executed IGA.pdf

Oregon Parks & Recreation Department Recreational Trails Program Grant
OPRD RTP 18-017 Agreement
OPRD Recreational Trails Program Grant

Concept Plan

Yamhelas Westsider Trail Concept Plan

Public Meetings and Presentations

Public Hearing Notice for 5/3/2018 and 5/15/2018

Yamhelas Westsider Trail Draft Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Farm Impact Findings

CONCEPT PLAN PRESENTATION: Occurred May 24, 2017 at 6:30 PM at McMinnville Community Center, Rm. 203, 600 NE Evans Street, McMinnville.
Concept Plan presented by Dan Miller from National Parks Service’s Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance.

COMMUNITY DIALOGUE: Convened By Yamhill County Commissioner Richard L. ‘Rick’ Olson.  Occurred June 8, 2017 at 7:30 PM at City of McMinnville
Kent L Taylor Civic Hall, 200 NE 2nd Street, McMinnville. Community Dialogue hosted by Yamhill County was an opportunity for members of the public to give
a brief statement before the Commissioners and present questions to both Commissioners and Staff.

Meeting details:
YWT Community Dialogue Agenda and Guidelines
Trail Flyer
Slide Show Presentation
Yamhelas Westsider Trail. Community Dialogue June 8, 2017 - Video
Yamhelas Trail Public Dialogue - Video 
Responses to Questions Posed at June 8, 2017 Meeting (Frequently Asked Questions)
YWT Community Dialogue Minutes 
YWT Community Dialogue Written Comments 
Yamhelas Westsider Trail Internal Cost Summary

Maps and other information

YWT Design Charrette
Trail Survey Results
YWT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Trail Draft Ordinance and Findings 5/31/18

Links to Project Partners and Sponsors

Friends of the Yamhelas Westsider Trail
Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program
Yamhill County Parks

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