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Wrex Cruse

Please note that this property is not open to the public

(6.7 acres)


In Cove Orchard, 2.5 miles northeast of Yamhill on the west side of Hwy 47.


  • Viewpoint

Occupying a hillside on the western edge of the Willamette Valley, this 6.7-acre undeveloped park offers scenic valley views. A grove of Oregon white oak crowns the hillside, and the chapparal understory provides excellent bird habitat. In the future, it may offer outstanding picnic opportunities in the County's northern wine country and possible connections to the proposed Yamhelas Westsider Trail.


The park's name was selected by the Cove Orchard community to honor longtime resident Wrex Cruse. Yamhill County has leased the park from the Cove Orchard Sewer Service District since July 2000. Prior to the lease, Yamhill County, OSU Extension Service, and other community partners joined to clear the site of a thicket of invasive Himalaya blackberry. They planted the site with Oregon white oak and Willamette Valley Ponderosa pine.

Native Plant List

  • Ponderosa pine
  • Oregon white oak
  • Nootka rose
  • Snowberry

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