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Frequently asked questions:

Q: What if I’ve already filed my DD-214?

A: If a veteran has already filed a DD-214 (discharge paper) with our office, we encourage them to bring in their best copy. We want to take this opportunity to make sure the version we have on file is the best, clearest, and cleanest version possible. We only need one on file, so if we have recorded your only copy, that will be sufficient.

Q: Can I file my DD-214 before April 7?

A: Yes, veterans are welcome to record their DD-214 with our office any time.

Q: Do I have to participate in the ID program?

A: No. This new Veterans Recognition program is completely voluntary. You may still take advantage of the free filing & certification service without participating in the ID program.

Q: Do I have to have been honorably discharged?

A: Yes. To participate in this program, your DD-214 must indicate that you have been honor- ably discharged.

Q: Does my information become public record?

A: No. In Oregon, all military discharge documents and records are exempt from public record law.

Q: Why do I need to record my DD-214?

A: The Yamhill County Veterans Recognition Program is based on recorded discharge pa- pers. We realize that many people have other cards that some merchants accept, but this program offers a single common format that everyone in the county can recognize and that veterans can carry easily, without jeopardizing their discharge papers.

Q: Why do I need an original or certified copy?

A: Recording standards require that we record ONLY an original or certified copy. If you do not currently have one, please contact the Yamhill County Veterans Services Office for help. They can help you order a copy.

Q: Is there a cost for the card?

A: No. There is no cost to record your discharge papers. There is no cost to obtain certified copies in the future. There is also no cost for the ID card. Yamhill County does this to honor your service.

Q: Why isn’t my retirement card, VA card, disabled Vet card, or Driver’s License sufficient?

A: This program is based on the honorable discharge papers. Merchants are looking for a common/uniform card that their front-line staff can easily recognize, instead of training them how to validate many different forms of ID. The businesses listed with this program have agreed to be part of this program. That’s not to say that some businesses won’t still accept other documents, just that this is meant to make the process simpler for everyone.

Q: The Assessor’s Office has a copy of my discharge. Can I use that?

A: Usually the Assessor’s Office only has a photocopy or an electronic version in their files, but they are not “recorded” documents and are not original or certified copies. We can only accept originals or certified copies.

More Information

Back in 1919, the Yamhill County Clerk feverishly recorded military discharge papers for those coming home from World War I. Your Yamhill County Clerks have continued that work every year since—not only recording military separation documents, but providing certified copies for veterans at no charge to them.

These days, we have over 8,000 veterans living in Yamhill County. Each of them is welcome to file their discharge papers (DD-214) with the Yamhill County Clerk at no charge. Either the veteran or their spouse may then come to our office any time and receive a certified copy of that record, also at no charge.

All honorably discharged veterans who record their DD-214 with the Yamhill County Clerk’s Office will be offered a photo identification card. This new ID card will be accepted at merchants across the county for discounts or free upgrades. This way, merchants can look to one common, portable, and easily recognizable document when they want to honor veterans.

Beginning April 7, 2015, veterans can come to the Clerk’s Office, file their DD-214, complete a brief application, and leave the same day with an official ID Card.

All across the county, merchants look for ways to honor veterans by accepting a military retirement card, a VA card, or a driver’s license. Some request a copy of their discharge papers as proof that the veteran is really a veteran. Some simply take their word for it.

The goal for this program is to provide a simple way for merchants to recognize veterans. It provides veterans a single piece of ID that will be accepted at a wide variety of places without needing to carry around their discharge papers.

All merchants signing up for this program will complete a single-page application, and their information will be posted to the Yamhill County Veterans Services website. There is no charge for this service.

Participating merchants will also receive a “Proud Participant” poster they may display at their business—also at no cost to them.

The poster is designed to tie the program together with a common look. It is also a way for community members (who may not be veterans) to locate and patronize stores who participate.

There are opportunities for businesses to support this program. Those who contribute financially to the program’s success will be listed and recognized. For further information, please contact the Yamhill County Clerk or Veteran Services Offices.

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