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Tax-Foreclosed Property

​Yamhill County sells tax foreclosed surplus real property by auction to the general public or via private sale if the property is non-buildable and valued at less than $15K. Properties that do not sell at auction may also be sold via private sale. Please consult the resources available on this webpage regarding all sales. We regretfully cannot provide individual research or support to interested buyers.

Auction Information



Location: Yamhill County Courthouse - Room 32

Tax Foreclosed Property Registration
If you are interested in Tax Foreclosed Public Auctions and want to learn more, please fill out the registration form below to be added to our Property Auction Interest List. When an auction has been planned and approved by the Board of Commissioners notifications will be distributed via email, postal mail, and available on our public Property Webpage.
Interest List Registration Form

Real Property Policies and Procedures

  Conditions of Sale
All property is sold AS-IS. Yamhill County does not guarantee or warrant that any parcel is usable for any particular purpose, nor does it guarantee the condition of title. Moreover, the County makes no representations – express or implied – pertaining to any property’s physical condition. Interested buyers should thoroughly investigate all aspects of a property prior to submitting a bid or offer to purchase.
  Public Auction Instructions
  Private Sale Instructions
  Offer Form
  Transactional Disclaimers
  Surplus Proceeds Request Form
When are auctions held? How will I know when future auctions occur?
There is no set time of year when auctions occur. Notifications regarding auction dates and information will be published and sent out at least one month prior to the actual auction date. You can sign up to be notified of future auctions by sending an email to [email protected].
Where are auctions held?
Auctions are held at the Yamhill County Courthouse at a scheduled date and time. Additional information is provided on the public auction can be found in the “Public Auction Instructions” document linked above.
How do I find out if the property has liens or a clouded title?
Yamhill County does not offer Title Insurance, and the County makes no warranties or guarantees regarding the title of any property offered for sale. Interested purchasers should thoroughly investigate all aspects of a property prior to bidding. We encourage individuals to contact the Yamhill County Clerk’s Office to find additional information about a specific property.
How do I find out what the property taxes will be if I purchase a foreclosed property from the County?
After a property is sold, the Yamhill County Assessment & Tax Department will recalculate the property taxes. For questions regarding property taxes, please contact the Yamhill County Assessment & Tax Department at (503)434-7521.
Can I submit a sealed bid for any of the available properties?
No, properties must meet certain qualifications to be sold via sealed bids (i.e., a “private sale”). Properties that do not sell at a public auction may be sold by private sale. Properties may also be sold by private sale if the real market value is less than $15,000 and the property is not buildable. For additional information on the private sale process, please see the “Private Sale Instructions” document linked above.
How will I know if my sealed bid is accepted?
If your offer was accepted, you will receive an email (or letter, if no email was provided) confirming the acceptance and discussing next steps. If your sealed bid was not accepted, you will receive a certified letter from the County confirming the non-acceptance, along with your returned deposit.
How long do I have to pay after winning a bid?
For sealed bids, the winning bidder must include a 10% deposit with their offer form. They will then have ten (10) business days from the date the Board accepts the bid to pay the remaining amount in full. For auctions, all participants should have in hand cash or a cashier’s check equal to 20% of the minimum advertised price for each property they hope to acquire. If they are the winning bidder, they will then need to pay the remaining balance within two (2) business days.
How do I register for an auction?
Registration will open at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the auction. Registration will require all participants to show valid ID, provide contact information, and accept the County’s auction sale terms and conditions. Once registered, applicants will be issued a bid card.
How do I request the surplus proceeds from my tax foreclosed property that was sold by the County?
For properties sold on or after May 25, 2023, record owners of real property foreclosed on by Yamhill County can request the surplus proceeds of a sale (if any) by submitting a Request for Surplus Proceeds of a Tax Foreclosure Sale form to the County within two years of the date of the sale. The form can be found on the Yamhill County Tax Foreclosure website or by emailing the County at [email protected].
  Contact Information
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