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Statement Required for Partition Plats Not Being Surveyed (Parcels Larger Than 10 Acres)

This plat was prepared from record data only. No field survey has been conducted. All map data and descriptions are based solely upon information available in the public records. No warranty is made as to the correctness of the dimensional data and the survey monuments shown and no liability is assumed if said information is in error. This map does not constitute a boundary survey and is subject to any discrepancies which a complete and accurate boundary survey would disclose.

Potential purchasers are hereby notified that the parcel and total areas and dimensions shown along the plat boundary may be subject to change upon completion of a proper boundary (field) survey.

Specific minimum property areas (based upon best available evidence at the time of future application) are required in some county zones. Potential customers should investigate zoning requirements, conditions, and approved uses.

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