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Once land use approval is obtained, approval for subsurface sewage disposal must be obtained from the Sanitarian. Such approval is a two-step process: (1) determining the suitability of the soil for a drain field, and (2) obtaining a permit and installing a septic tank and drain field system. Allow up to six weeks for processing of applications preceding issuance of a permit to install the septic tank and drain field.

  • In Step 1 (before installing a septic tank and drain field), application must be made and approved for a "site evaluation." This is an investigation of on-site test holes to determine the soil suitability for effluent disposal. Test holes are required to be dug by the applicant. A brochure is available from the County to explain this process.
  • Following the soil suitability approval, an on-site disposal permit can be obtained. Such permit is required prior to installing the system and involves on-site inspections to ensure correct installation.
  • When a septic system has already been installed, an existing septic system evaluation may be needed to build any type of structure on three acres or less or for loan approval. Application must be made for an "existing system evaluation," which generally requires on-site investigation and/or review of office records by the Sanitarian.
  • Changing the use of the septic system, such as adding bedrooms or replacing a home, may require a septic authorization. Contact the sanitation office for requirements.
  • If your septic system is failing, you need to obtain a septic "repair permit."

Staff Members:

  • Suzanne Richardson, REHS
  • Ashley Watkins, REHS

Office Hours of Sanitarian:

  • by appointment


  • (503) 434-7516

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