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Riverbend Landfill

Riverbend Notice of Appeal
BO 20-284- Riverbend Denial

Remand Approval
Public notice for the receipt of remand testimony

Riverbend Expansion Applications
Site Design Review - Docket SDR-16-14 - 128MB Download
Floodplain - Docket FP-03-14

Staff Reports and Exhibits
SDR-16-14 Packet FP-03-14

Additional Submittals From The Applicant
Letter of December 2, 2014
Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3 Part 1 of 2
Attachment 3 Part 2 of 2
Attachment 4

Letter of December 23, 2014

Attachment 1: Updated Farm Impacts Assessment 
Attachment 2: Exhibit A - Updated Maps
Appendix_H_Crows_Marzluff et al 2001 Avian Urb Ecol
Profile Addendum jay harland
Profile Addendum mike savage
20140126 RLOdor Compendium Final
Plan Approval April 9 2014
RLC Veg Screen v5 Demo 41
RLC Veg Screen v5 Screens51

Letter of December 31, 2014
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 1 - Propagation License List 12 18 14
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 2 - Transcript Excerpt
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 3A - Coccidiosis Research Summary
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 3B - Coccidiosis Research Summary
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 4 - Winery Review and Awards
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 5A - DEQ Inspection Reports
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 5B - DEQ Inspection Reports
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 5C - DEQ Inspection Reports
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 6 - DEQ Permitted Facilities
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 7 - DEQ Responses to Comments
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 8 - DEQ Monitoring Plan Approval
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 9 - DEQ Approval of Annual Report
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 10 - South Yamhill Water Quality
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 11 - Response to Riverkeeper Letter
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 12 - Consolidation Deed
RLC Rebuttal Exhibit 13 - Correction Deed

Applicant’s final rebuttal 1/8/2015

Planning Commission Decision

Appeal of Planning Commission Decision

Applicant’s Pre-Hearing Submittal

License Agreement
License Agreement 1994

Final report from Zia Consultants on the "Analysis of Waste Disposal"
Posted 10/06/2009

On April 1, 2009, the Board of Commissioners voted to hire a third-party consultant to evaluate the alternative technologies that have been presented during the hearing process for the Riverbend Landfill expansion. The report was also to evaluate the transportation options and projected costs for alternative processes and transportation options. Attached is the final report that evaluates these questions. This document is known as the "Analysis of Waste Disposal." The Board is scheduled to reopen the Riverbend Landfill hearing in Room 32 at 9:00 am, on October 14, 2009, at the point of "Staff Recommendation." At that point the Board is to decide whether to accept the report on the "Analysis of Waste Disposal". If the report is accepted, the Board will then decide on the schedule for receiving final written testimony.

Zia Consultants Final Report part 1
Zia Consultants Final Report part 2
Zia Consultants Final Report part 3
Zia Consultants Final Report part 4

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