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Reservations at County Parks

During the summer months, the reservable areas within the county park system are booked almost every weekend from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Typically these reservations are for a multitude of activities, including: weddings, family reunions, company picnics, and other gatherings. Most reservations occur in Ed Grenfell Park and Lafayette Locks Park. A new reservation policy was adopted on 4/18/13 (Board Order 13-228), to ensure continued compliance with Yamhill County Ordinance 619 (aka the County Parks Ordinance), better refine administrative oversight of parks reservations, and to prevent potential conflicts or issues with reservations impacting other park users and the surrounding neighborhood. The following are some of the key changes:
1. Only the following park sites are available for reservations: Ed Grenfell Park’s picnic shelter, Lafayette Locks’ picnic shelter, and Charles Metsker Park. (Note: Access to Metsker Park is for organized youth and adult groups for the purposes of outdoor education and research only.) For all other park sites, written requests must be submitted to Yamhill County Parks at least 30 days in advance and are considered on a case-by-case basis.

2. The possession and consumption of alcohol at Charles Metsker Park is prohibited.

3. A reservation fee has been established for Charles Metsker Park ($25 per day for up to 50 attendees and $50 per day for events in excess of 50 attendees); however, all or part of the reservation fees may be waived for Charles Metsker Park in return for a Parks-approved service project at a Yamhill County Park. Note: Service project must be approved by County Parks prior to event. To formulate the waiver, hours worked x hourly rate = in-kind donation to cover fee.
a. Also, a refundable $25 deposit is required for checking out the key to the park.

4. Cancellations
a. Full refunds will be made for cancellations made with at least 1 month’s notice.
b. For cancellations made between 1 month and 10 days prior to the reservation date, half of the reservation fee will be refunded.
c. Cancellations given less than 10 days prior to the reservation date are not eligible for a refund.

For more information, please read B.O. 13-228.

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