Report a Crime

**If the crime occurred within the city limits of Newberg, Dundee, Dayton, Lafayette, or McMinnville, Please contact that police department instead of submittig this form to the Sheriff's Office.**

NOTE: Initiating a False Report in Oregon is a Class A Misdemeanor.

   You are reporting a crime with NO SUSPECTS (eg: Hit and run, Vechicle break-ins, damages etc...)
   You need a Case Number for Insurance Purposes

   If you have 10 property-related items or less that were affected.
   All required fields must be completed for us to assign a case number.
   Fields with red asterics * are required fields and must be filled out.

Please complete the following for all property affected. If you have more then 10 items please contact the Sheriff's Office Directly at (503) 434-7506. 

Click on the headers below to display form questions.  -Thank you.

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