Recycling Pill Bottles

Recycling Empty Pill Bottles
Empty pill bottles CAN NOT be recycled curbside or at your local transfer station; they are too small for the sorting machines and ultimately end up as garbage or as “contamination” in the recycling system.
Donating empty pill bottles:
If you wish to donate your empty pill bottles, the following ministry will accept plastic prescription bottles for their ministry outreach. Please follow the link below for instructions:    

Matthew 25: Ministries

Ways to use empty pill bottles in your home:
    • Store headphones/ear pods
    • Utilize for storing craft items- beads, bobbins, threads, needles
    • Utilize for storing nails, screws, washers, etc.
    • If you are traveling, utilize them for jewelry storage.
    • Poke holes in the lid and create a glitter shaker.

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