Public Hearing Notices

The July 9, 2020 Planning Commission hearing scheduled for 7:00PM has been moved from Room 32 of the Yamhill County Courthouse to Kent Taylor Civic Hall, located at 200 NE Second Street McMinnville, OR 97128

Docket #G-01-18: Yamhelas Westsider Trail remand, (written testimony and evidence only) 
      04/30/20 G-01-18.ORD 904
      G-01-18-LUBA 2019-047
      G-01-18 REMAND Public Notice
      ORD 908
      BO 19-94- TRAIL
      G-01-18 Remand BOC Packet (most submitted comments included here under 'Comments Received'. If not included here, comments have been posted as a       separate link)
      G-01-18 Remand Hearing Submittal KLGPC 4-27-2020.pdf
      G-01-18 Remdand Record Submittal - Bicycle Related Travel Study
      Kellington May 14 2020 Hearing Submittal
      Final KLGPC Remand Letter and Attachments 5.21.20
 Applicant Submittal
     G-01-18Remand Applicant Draft Findings 04292020
      Yamhelas Trail User Estimate and Parking Demand Study Final Report 04292020
     G-01-18 Remand Applicant cover letter and exhibits
      County 051320 Submittal on remand
      Board Order Findings

Docket #C-22-19/SDR-35-19 July 16, 2020 (cont. from 6/11/20)
      C-22-19 SDR-35-19 Packet
Docket # SDR-16-14/FP-03-14 RiverBend Landfill Expansion Remand,
(written or electronic argument and evidence only) 7/9/20
     SDR-16-14-FP-03-14 remand hearing
     SDR-16-14-FP-03-14 remand comments
     SDR-16-14-FP-03-14 Applicant's initial Remand Submittal
         SDR-16-14-FP-03-14 Exhibit A to initial Remand Submittal
         SDR-16-14-FP-03-14 Exhibit B to initial Remand Submittal
     SDR-16-14-FP-03-14 Applicant's Supp Remand Submittal
     VIDEO Riverbend Comprehensive Litter Control Program_ Protecting the McPhillips Farm from Litter
     SDR-16-14-FP-03-14 Comments
        VIDEO Seagulls on McPhillips Farms Crops
        VIDEO Falcons at McPhillips Farms
        VIDEO Litter on McPhillips Farms

     SDR-16-14-FP-03-14 Comments submitted for 7-9-20 Hearing

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