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Youth cases referred to the Yamhill County Department of Community Justice- Juvenile Division are first reviewed by the Deputy District Attorney for prosecution merit. If a case is determined to be prosecutable and a first offense (misdemeanor), most youth cases are handled informally or by diversion through a Formal Accountability Agreement (FAA) or Peer Court. The determination on how a case is handled is dependent on several factors, to include but not be limited to: age of youth, number of referrals, risk to recidivate factors, nature of the offense, victim information, youth and parent input and youth needs. Decisions are made based on what disposition is in the best interests of the youth and the community. 
Formal probation requires an appearance before the Judge after a petition (charges) has been filed. The Court appoints an attorney to represent the youth.  If the court places a youth on probation, the youth is ordered to comply with the standard rules of probation for between 1-5 years dependent on how compliant the youth is with the terms of probation and risk of re-offense. The Court may also order a youth to comply with additional rules associated with the needs of the youth, such as alcohol and drug treatment or community service work.  The youth may also be ordered to pay restitution back to a victim.
Juvenile offenders in Yamhill County are supervised by probation officers assigned to geographic areas. However, youth who offend sexually, have significant alcohol/drug problems or are involved in gang-related activity are supervised by probation officers trained to deal with these specific issues.
Probation staff coordinate and communicate with other staff, treatment providers, law enforcement, detention staff, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, treatment providers, child welfare agencies, parents/guardians, schools and the community in an effort to meet the needs of the youth and the community.

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