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Paint Recycling

Paint Recycling
Latex & oil-based house paints, stains, and varnishes in 5-gallon sizes or less can be recycled for FREE at the locations below. Please call these locations before bringing paint for recycling due to their limited storage areas. The containers must have its original label, not be leaking or be empty- no aerosol cans are accepted
McMinville Locations:
Habitat for Humanity Restore: 1040 SE 1st St. 
Sherwin Williams: 570 NE Hwy 99W 
Newberg Locations:
Sherwin Williams: 2508 Portland Rd. 
Parr Lumber Co: 200 Elliott St. 
Visit www.Paintcare.org for more information for business paint recycling and more recycling locations.
If the paint you have is not accepted at PaintCare locations, it will be accepted at our HHW Events. Please note that empty paint cans or dried out paint are considered garbage. In 2020 alone, 23.9 tons of paint was collected at our events.

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