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Monroe Landing

Please note that this property is not open to the public

Monroe Landing (4.5 acres) and New County Park Proposal


4 miles south of McMinnville on Hwy 99W, park is located at Whiteson Landfill on Riverbend Road.  At this time, public access to Monroe Landing and the surrounding county-owned properties is restricted. Public access is prohibited.


Monroe Landing was conveyed to the county as part of the property sold by Amel & Zelda Funk for the Whiteson Landfill in 1971. Monroe Landing is named for John Monroe, who held the Donation Land Claim in which the site is located.  The county-owned properties that are located adjacent to and south of the Monroe Landing site were purchased in 2005.
This 4.5-acre undeveloped park along the South Yamhill River has great potential as a future boat landing. Access is currently restricted to maintain control and security at the neighboring former landfill site, which is undergoing reclamation, and as to allow planning to occur for proposed future park development activities on the adjacent county-owned properties that are located adjacent to and south of Monroe Landing.

New County Park Proposal

Over the last couple of years, the Yamhill County Parks and Recreation Board and Parks’ Staff have been working on a new park proposal for Yamhill County. This proposed park would be the first new park for the Yamhill County park system in 25 years and the 94-acres included in this proposal (which also includes the Monroe Landing site) have excellent potential in providing opportunities for a couple of miles of multi-use trails, access to a beautiful stretch of the south fork of the Yamhill River, a small meeting hall, seasonal water trail, large areas for a variety of day use and educational activities, a historic barn, and possibly future overnight camping facilities (NOTE: camping is not included in the current Conditional Use Proposal, as further planning and land use approval is required and there are no plans at this time to develop any park-related areas on the former landfill site).

Status of proposal:

  • In 2012, The Yamhill County Board of Commissioners approved a Conditional Use Permit for Phases 1 and 2 of the proposal. This permit allows for limited development, including trails, restrooms, parking, and small day use areas.
  • Yamhill County Parks is currently engaged in the planning for the implementation of Phase 1 and developing a timeline for site improvements and public access. It should be noted that the properties are not open to public access at this time.
  • An electronic version (pdf) of the plan for Phases 1 and 2 is available for view, via the following link: Whiteson Properties Park Phase 1

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