Medication Disposal

NEVER flush medication!
Even with our advanced sewer treatment plans and home septic systems, medications are not filtered out and can end up in our water ways. This concentration can affect how fish and other species develop and can eventually make its way back into your drinking water.
Medication Disposal- Over the Counter, Prescription, Vitamins or Pet:

These items can be disposed of year round at the locations listed below.

Medications/Prescriptions can be expired or unused.

Please use a permanent mark to black out name or remove label for privacy.

Please call the phone # listed with location for questions

City Location Address Ph# and website
Amity Amity Fire Department 700 S. Trade St.
Amity, OR
Carlton City Hall 191 E Main St.
Carlton, OR
(503) 852-7575
Dayton City Hall 416 Ferry St,
Dayton, OR
(503) 864-2221
Lafayette City Hall 486 3rd St.
Lafayette, OR
McMinnville McMinnville Police
 121 SW Adams St.
McMinnville, OR
(503) 434-7307
McMinnville Yamhill County
 535 NE 5th St
McMinnville, OR
(503) 434-7506
Newberg Police        Department 401 E Third St
Newberg, OR
Sheridan  City Hall  120 SW Mill St
Sheridan, OR

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