Manufactured Homes

We are now able to process manufactured home applications.  

You can locate all new forms at: 
For more information please go to:

Please have the form filled out prior to submitting to our office and once processed you will receive the ownership document via US mail from BCD.  If you need assistance with the application, please do not hesitate to contact our office.
Please note, no application in MHODS can be processed without the County Certification form verifying the taxes are paid.
If a home is being moved between counties within Oregon, the home will be taxed in the county it is located in as of January 1st, and will be added to the new county tax roll for the following year. After January 1 and until the roll is turned, we will figure an estimated advance tax payment for the current year taxes and request that it also be paid prior to moving the home out of Yamhill County.

For homes being recorded as real property, the ownership of the land and structure must match exactly and the taxes must be paid in full on both accounts. A current title report is also required, and an Application for Recording Manufactured Home as Real Property must be recorded in the County Clerk’s office and then brought to our office or the BCD to complete the process.
For more information please contact the Yamhill County Assessment & Tax office.

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