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Law Violations:
Youth referred for first time violations such as Minor in Possession of Alcohol/Marijuana are handled through the Yamhill County Prevention Program. Dispositions typically involve a referral to a licensed provider (youth and family choice) for a drug and alcohol assessment and or education, and any recommended treatment. Cases are closed upon successful completion of a program and a negative urine analysis for substance use is obtained.
The Division may discuss a youth being placed on a Formal Accountability Agreement to include informal supervision by a probation staff depending on several factors including but not limited to history of substance abuse, risk to recidivate based on the Juvenile Crime Prevention Risk Assessment completed at intake, frequency of use, compliance with treatment, circumstances of the violation, additional reports of use not referred by law enforcement, and parent or guardian concerns. However, if the operation of a vehicle was involved in the violation, a petition may be filed with the recommendation by the Juvenile Division that the youth's driving privileges be suspended (or the right to apply for a driver's license). The Court may also order the youth to enroll in and participate in treatment. The goal is for youth to be healthy and free from substance abuse. (See: ORS 471.430; 809.260; 809.280).
If a youth is referred for a second Minor in Possession of Alcohol/Marijuana, a discussion with the youth and the parent(s)/guardian(s) regarding next steps occurs at an intake meeting. Action may include a petition being filed or the youth being placed on a Formal Accountability Agreement (legal agreement between the youth and the Juvenile Division). Other dispositions may include a referral to substance abuse treatment and possibly any other service the youth is determined to need.

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