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Juvenile Violation Court

Youth in Yamhill County who are cited by police for the violations of Possession of Tobacco, Possession of Liquor by a Minor (MIP), Possession of Less than One Ounce of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia are required to appear in Violation Court.

Juvenile Violation Court is a resource used by the Juvenile Department, allowing Yamhill County to hold juveniles accountable for offenses many other counties are unable to address. First time referrals are given the opportunity to participate in a diversion program. Alcohol and drug violations are referred to the Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness Group (AODAG), a four week educational program, and to the Victim’s Panel where they hear the experiences of those who have hurt others or been hurt by, substance abuse. Tobacco violators are referred to a diversion program which provides education around the dangers of tobacco use.

Should youth fail, refuse or other wise be inappropriate for the diversion they face fines ranging from $25.00 to over $250.00 and, in the case of those referred for possessing alcohol or marijuana, a mandatory suspension of all driving privileges.

Juvenile Violation Court is held every Monday morning in the County Courthouse.

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