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The Yamhill County Juvenile Drug Court (JDC) is designed as an incentive-based program intended to help youth overcome addiction and drug use issues. It is a cooperative effort between the Circuit Court, the Juvenile Department and the adolescent Chemical Dependency and Mental Health programs. All youth in JDC must be on formal probation and court ordered to participate. It is a four-phase program that requires strong participation in order to see success. Parent(s)/guardians also must be involved. Juvenile Drug Court youth work on achieving and maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle by consistent attendance and following the program’s designed to meet youth needs. JDC includes, but is not limited to: weekly court appearance, treatment meetings, probation visits at home and office, recovery support meetings, goal setting and focusing on personal growth. Youth earn points each week which helps motivate youth in moving into the next phase of the program. The intent of the program is to reward positive changes in thinking and behavior. The JDC Judge may also impose sanctions or consequences for non-compliance such as: positive urine analysis tests, failure to attend JDC and non-compliance with treatment expectations. Ultimately, the goal is for youth to achieve significant clean and sober time and achieve the personal goals set for themselves before graduating from the Juvenile Drug Court. 

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