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Juvenile Drug Court:
The Juvenile Drug Court Program is an incentive-based program tailored for formal probation youth (ages 14-17} with significant drug and or alcohol issues. The program consists of five phases with specific requirements in order to move onto the next phase and eventually graduate. The point system in JDC is designed to help the participants track their personal goals. The ultimate goal of the program is to help participants maintain sobriety with intensive supervision, treatment, and by teaching youth with the skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The Juvenile Drug Court Team is comprised of a judge, the assigned probation officer, a juvenile drug court attorney, treatment providers, the deputy district attorney, peer mentors, and youth and families. Throughout the program, participants work to achieve and maintain a sober lifestyle by attending drug court, treatment appointments, meetings with probation officer and other Juvenile Drug Court team members. The program generally lasts twelve months. However, program length varies based on youth progress toward completing overall objectives and demonstrating abstinence through required urinalysis tests. Youth who graduate Juvenile Drug Court will be successfully terminated from probation.

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