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Interested in donating land for a future park?


A place to contemplate nature…
A place to commune, meditate, ponder, reflect and behold…

The need for nature’s respite will be even greater in the future than it is today. Not only can you leave a lasting legacy, but your efforts also serve to preserve unique natural, cultural, and historic places for future generations to enjoy and benefit.

Yamhill County Parks

Currently Yamhill Parks has 17 parks and open spaces, totaling 216.8 acres (as compared to Benton County (1,403 acres), Marion County (517 acres), and Washington County (1,139 acres)) and these properties serve the diverse recreational needs of citizens and visitors to Yamhill County. As the population of Yamhill County continues to grow, citizens will need more parks and open spaces for hiking trails, fishing, camping, picnicking , wildlife watching, and enjoying and sharing nature with family and friends.


85% of Yamhill County Parks’ total acreage were acquired via private donations. If you have land that you would like to donate for future public use, or wish to make a monetary donation, please contact Yamhill County Parks.


Donations leave a lasting legacy and provided countless recreational and educational benefits for future generations. Additionally, when you donate tangible property you may receive an income tax charitable deduction and reduce your taxable estate. To learn more about possible tax benefits, please consult a qualified financial advisor.


If you interested in leaving a legacy that will benefit future generations, please contact:

Yamhill County Parks
2060 NE Lafayette Ave
McMinnville, OR 97128
(503) 434-7463
[email protected]

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