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General Parks Rules and Regulations

For the safety and enjoyment of all park visitors, Yamhill County Ordinance No. 619 includes but is not limited to the following rules of participation and conduct:

  1. Yamhill County parks open one hour before sunrise and close one hour after sunset.
  2. Overnight camping is not allowed within a park area.
  3. No person shall operate a motor vehicle off roads or outside parking areas constructed for motor vehicle use.
  4. Pets are not allowed into park area unless the animal is safely contained in a vehicle, or is on a leash not more than 6 feet long and kept under physical control at all time.
  5. No person shall bring a horse or other livestock into a park area.
  6. No person shall operate a noise-producing instrument in a manner that, in the judgment of the enforcement officer, is disruptive to others.
  7. No person shall discharge a firearm, bow and arrow, slingshot, or other weapon within a park area.
  8. No person shall start or operate a fire within a park except within park camp stoves or fireplaces provided by the park for such purposes.
  9. No person shall deposit waste not generated by park use, including household, commercial or industrial waste or refuse, within waste containers in park area.
  10. No person shall mutilate, burn, deface, damage, or remove any property, structure, or facility of any kind within a park area.

Please keep your park system beautiful!

We thank you for your cooperation in assisting us in maintaining a safe, clean and enjoyable environment for everyone who visits our parks.

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