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Frequently Asked Questions - County Clerk

Am I registered, if not, how do I register?
There is a wealth of knowledge and resources available to you at www.oregonvotes.gov.
To check or update your registration, select the “My Vote” button when you get to that site.  If you need to register, select the “Voting in Oregon” tab.
At the “My Vote” portion you can also find out who your elected officials are and find out if your ballot has been received at your local Elections office.
How can I help with the upcoming election?

The Yamhill County Clerk’s office oftentimes needs new Election Board Workers and Drop Box Closers. If you would like to be considered as a potential new member of the team:

What are my options for voting?  Where do I go to vote?
In Oregon, all elections are “vote-by-mail”.  When you register to vote, make sure you give us your accurate mailing address as well as the physical address where you live.  We will get a ballot mailed to you.  You may mail it back or drop it off (postage free) in any of our drop sites (visit our website: www.co.yamhill.or.us/content/ballot-drop-sites).
If you are overseas or disabled, you may vote online.  Please call for details – yes, there’s a catch.
Who is in office now?
We try to keep an accurate and up-to-date list of all elected officials serving Yamhill County on our page under our “Current Year Elections” page.  Look near the top for the link to the “Position Holders” list or “Offices open for election”.
What if I forgot to put my ballot in the secrecy envelope and I have already sealed my Ballot Return Envelope?
The secrecy envelope is not required for your ballot to be processed and counted. However, if you wish to place your ballot in the secrecy envelope, you may open your Ballot Return Envelope and place the secrecy envelope (which contains the ballot) in the Ballot Return Envelope and tape the Ballot Return Envelope closed.
What if I did not receive a ballot? 
Call the Yamhill County Elections Office at 503-434-7518 or 503-554-7850 from Newberg.  You might need to update your voter registration.
What if I have moved and changed my residence or mailing address?
You may update your voter registration at www.oregonvotes.gov, or come into our office at 414 NE Evans St, McMinnville.  You will be issued a correct ballot specific to where you live.
Is it too late to update my voter registration?
Probably not, you actually have up until Election Day to update your voter registration and receive a ballot if you are currently registered in the State of Oregon.
Is postage required if I place my ballot in the drop site?
When is the last day to mail my ballot and have it be received in the Yamhill County Clerk’s Office?
Under normal circumstances, the last day you would want to mail your ballot with USPS is the Wednesday before the election, for the Clerk’s Office to receive your ballot on time.  Postmarks do now count in Oregon in some situations but some rules apply like: •   It must have been signed before mailing it •   It must have a Postmark (or USPS indicator) •   Must arrive by the 7th day after Election Day  
When will results be available?
The first results should be available just after 8:00 pm on Election Day.  As more ballots are processed, updated results will be posted (usually every 2 hours).  You may visit our website at www.co.yamhill.or.us/clerk for results.
If I choose not to vote for a candidate or race, will the rest of my ballot count?

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