Forestland Classification Committee

Committee Groundwork

The Yamhill County Forestland Classification Committee (YCFCC) had its first meeting in January of 2016. The first several meetings were spent establishing its bylaws (hyperlink this to bylaw doc), determining how the YCFCC would conduct its business, learning about the task that they were charged with, and clarifying a protocol for implementation.

Now that this initial groundwork is done, the YCFCC has begun meeting to make draft classification determinations on all Yamhill County lands within the Protection District. The Committee is working systematically to make and record the draft determination across each Township and Section.

Committee Meetings

The YCFCC meetings are open to the public. Notices of upcoming meetings are posted in the Yamhill County Assessor Office, OSU Yamhill County Extension, and at McMinnville Fire Department.

There will also be meetings to update the public and collect public comment on the draft determinations and process used for classifying forestlands. Following the public meetings, a hearing, and written order will be submitted to the Yamhill County Clerk, and the results of the classification review will be passed on to the Yamhill County Assessor's Office, where they will implement the changes to the tax rolls.

As with other assessment decisions, forestland determinations will be subject to appeal by property owners.

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