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Yamhill County is one of seven jurisdictions nationwide participating in the National Institute of Corrections’ Evidence Based Decision Making Initiative. Learn more by clicking on the documents below. If you have questions or comments, please e-mail [email protected]

• EBDMI Information – This article, which appeared in all three Yamhill County newspapers, provides background information on the initiative. It was written by the elected official members of the policy team: Commissioner Stern, Presiding Judge Collins, District Attorney Berry, and Sheriff Crabtree.

• Collaboration – Information about the EBDMI Policy Team

• Charter – Policy team’s Charter, including mission statement, vision, values, etc.

• Implementation Plan – Summary of the four areas of focus for Yamhill County: Pre-trial, Sentencing, Programs, and Special Needs Populations (Mentally Ill, Developmental Disabled, Traumatic Brain Injured)

  • Pre-trial Work Plan
  • Sentencing Work Plan
  • Programs Work Plan
  • Special Needs Work Plan

    • Score Card –Yamhill County Criminal Justice System’s plan for reducing community harm

    • Logic Model for Initiative

    • Decision Point Map – Yamhill County’s map of all decision points for offenders who come into the Criminal Justice System

    To learn more about the Framework for NIC’s Evidence Based Decision Making Initiative, go to www.cepp.com/documents/EBDM Framework.pdf    

    For more information on the effort in Yamhill County, please go to National Institution of Corrections.

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