Day Management Center

The Day Management Center serves as a hub of support services to clients under the supervision of Yamhill County Department of Community Justice.  DMC focuses services on medium and high risk clients for the purpose of obtaining employment with education or intensive supervision tracks also available.  The Probation Officer making the referral works with the DMC Coordinator to determine the most appropriate track.
RTW consists of a three Tier System.  In each of the Tiers, clients will participate in the program up to five days per week.  
  • TIER 1(T1):Intake & Assessment
In Tier 1, clients report to the Day Management Center (DMC) for a comprehensive intake interview at which time the Coordinator obtains background information related to employment, skills, and other pertinent information.  The client and Coordinator review the program requirements and set individual goals with action steps.  In T1, clients are referred to meet on-site with Goodwill Industries to develop a resume and obtain additional resources available via Goodwill.  Clients are registered on-site with the Imatch employment program through Worksource Oregon (Oregon Employment Department) and receive a referral to local temp agencies.  Clients establish a reporting schedule (between 9am-12pm on days determined by the Coordinator up to 5 days per week).  In T1, the client is being observed on punctuality, communication, time management, and following directions. 
Upon completion of the above components of T1, the DMC Coordinator administers a performance evaluation to see if the client is in compliance.  The DMC Coordinator may promote the client to Tier 2 upon verification of compliance.  
  • TIER 2(T2): Skill Building & Job Search
In T2, clients focus on job search, accountability, and skill building.  The DMC Coordinator works with the client to enhance their employability which can include work with interview skills (mock interviewing), role playing how to answer questions about a criminal record, hygiene/presentation, and application techniques.  In addition, the Coordinator may refer a client to outside agencies for specific workshops such as Worksource Oregon, Goodwill Industries and Hope on the Hill to name just a few.  In T2, the Coordinator also begins working with the client on money management and budgeting skills, developing a budget which can be modified throughout their time at DMC and beyond. 
Job search is required with a minimum of three new applications per day. Clients are required to document their employment contacts for accountability purposes and provide such documentation to the Coordinator on their scheduled reporting days.  
The goal of T2 is to secure employment.  Once a client has obtained employment, the Coordinator evaluates the client for promotion to Tier 3.
  • TIER 3(T3): Job Success
Once a client obtains employment, they are promoted to T3.  In T3, the focus is on the transitional period of working full time, while managing life outside of work, and touch on issues that may arise on the job.  A strong focus of T3 is money management/budgeting wherein the Coordinator revisits the previously outlined budget from T2 to assist the client with managing paychecks appropriately. 

The client reports weekly (at minimum) by phone to the DMC Coordinator for 45 days, with a minimum of one face-to-face contact.  If the client continues to be employed after 45 days, the DMC Coordinator may graduate the client from the RTW program. 
Graduation:  Upon successful completion of T3, the client participates in a graduation ceremony with other RTW clients in various stages of the program.  

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