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Dayton Landing

(1.4 acres)
Notice: The boat ramp here is in poor condition below the water level. Although open for public use, it is strongly advised that boaters DO NOT launch boats from trailers here until repairs can be made. In the past trailers have gotten stuck and been damaged while launching here.

Dayton Landing is a 1.4-acre county park consisting of a gravel parking lot and small boat ramp. The boat ramp is located at the confluence of the Yamhill River and Palmer Creek, about five miles upstream from the Willamette River. The Yamhill River is currently navigable upstream from here to Lafayette Locks Historical Park, and is popular with canoeists and kayakers. A private kayak rental business is available next to the boat ramp during the summer months.
Nearby, a footbridge connects Dayton Landing Park to the City of Dayton's Alderman Park across the Yamhill River.
Plans for Improvements:

Yamhill County is currently working with the Oregon State Marine Board to secure a grant that would be used to repair the boat ramp. No date for initiating boat ramp repairs is available at this time.
Publishers Paper Company generously donated the city lots that became Dayton Landing Park to Yamhill County in 1966.
Directions: In Dayton, drive northeast on Ferry Street and then turn southeast onto Water Street.

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