Dayton Landing

(1.4 acres)


In Dayton, drive northeast on Ferry Street and turn southeast onto Water Street.
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  • River
  • Stream
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Boat Launch

Located five miles upsteam from the Willamette River at the confluence of the Yamhill River and Palmer Creek, this 1.4-acre county park has a small boat ramp and ample parking. A footbridge connects Dayton Landing to the City of Dayton's Alderman Park, across the Yamhill. A nature trail beginning at nearby Dayton Grade School travels along Palmer Creek and connects to Dayton neighborhoods.


Publishers Paper Company generously donated the city lots that became Dayton Landing to Yamhill County in 1966.

In 2000, students and teachers from Dayton FFA built the Palmer Creek Trail, connecting Dayton Grade School to nearby neighborhoods and providing a cool place for nature lovers to stroll along the creek. Students continue construction on the trail, enhancing native habitat and completing new segments. They hope that in the future the trail will connect people to the Yamhill River.

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