Crimes Available for Online Reporting

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Crime Description Statute
Theft in the First Degree Over $1,000 ORS 164.055
Theft in the Second Degree Over $100, but less than $1,000 ORS 164.045
Theft in the Third Degree Less than $100 ORS 164.043
Burglary in the Second Degree Someone enters a building (not an occupied dwelling), like a shop, outbuilding etc. ORS 164.215
Criminal Mischief in the First Degree Damage to Property over $1,000 ORS 164.365
Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree Damage to property over $500 ORS 164.354
Criminal mischief in the Third Degree Intent to cause substantial inconvenience ORS 164.345
Offensive Littering   ORS 164.805
Identity Theft   ORS 165.800
Unlawfully Applying Graffiti   ORS 164.383
Unlawful Entry into Motor Vehicle Enters motor vehicle with intent to commit crime ORS 164.272
Trespassing 2nd Degree Enter or remain unlawfully ORS 164.245


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