Community Service Work Schedule

The community service program operates Monday through Friday during the summer months and Saturday and Sunday during the School Year.
Youth are scheduled by their probation officers throughout the year.
Work crews begins at 8:00 A.M. at the Courthouse in McMinnville and ends at 2:30 P.M in McMinnville.
The Community Service Program provides a shuttle service to specific outlying areas. Travel time is not counted as time worked.
Pick up Times (Approximate)                                     Drop Off Times (Approximate)
Carlton (Carlton JRH): 7:15 am                                   Carlton (Carlton JRH): 2:45 pm
Newberg (City Hall): 7:30 am                                     Newberg (City Hall): 3:00 pm
Dundee (Chan’s Restaurant): 7:40 am                       Dundee (Chan's Restaurant): 3:10 pm
Dayton (Dayton HS) 7:50 am                                      Dayton (Dayton HS) 3:30 pm
Sheridan (Sheridan HS): 7:30 am                                Sheridan (Sheridan HS): 3:00 pm
Amity (Market): 7:50 am                                            Amity (Market): 3:20 pm
Youth are asked be at the pick-up site 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time and wait until 10 minutes after, just in case the bus is running a little late that morning.
The shuttle service is a privilege, and if it is abused the service may be terminated.
If a youth is ill or have an emergency, they need to contact the following number 503-434-7433 Option 1 and leave a message stating the youth’s name, date they are calling in for and reason why they are calling in,  on or before 8:00 AM the day that they will be absence.  Any changes to the youths assigned work schedule must be approved in advance by the youth’s Probation Officer by direct communication.
All youth must bring a sack lunch and plenty of water for a full day of work.

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