Community Service Rules & Expectations

Failure to comply with these rules and expectations may result in the loss of points/credit or termination from the program.

  1. Treat others with respect at all times. You are to follow all staff directives without arguing or questioning.
  2. You will refer to the staff as Sir or Mr. (Staff’s last name), Ms. (Staff’s last name) or Ma’am.
  3. NOinappropriate language or negative topics will be allowed. Negative topics include but not limited to: war stories, tobacco/alcohol/drugs, partying, sex, who you know on the “outs” and why you are on probation/community service.
  4. You will always participate and give a full effort in any work assignment.
  5. You will not leave the work site without staff permission.
  6. There will be NO physical contact, NO intimidation and/or threats to others while on crew.
  7. Gang activity of any type will NOT be tolerated.
  8. Regardless of age, you will not have or use alcohol, tobacco products, e-cigarettes, marijuana or any drugs at the work site or during work hours. If you are suspected of being under the influence you will be sent home or referred to law enforcement.
  9. Lighters, matches, knives, weapons, sharp objects and electronic devices (I.E. watches, cell phones, pagers, etc.) of any kind are strictly forbidden on crew.  If you bring the items, they will be confiscated and turned over to your probation officer.
  10. You will wear job appropriate clothing and shoes that you can get dirty. NOT ALLOWED:  shorts, tank tops, capris, open toe/heelless shoes, half shirts, jerseys, sports bras, sleeveless shirts, excessively baggy or sagging clothing, yoga pants, jewelry of any type (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.).
  11. You will respect all property at all work sites; you will not steal, damage, or deface any items/property at any worksite.
  12. Deliberate destruction of tools or equipment will result in reimbursing the county for the cost of the tool or equipment.
  13. You will not harm and/or harass animals or people at the work site.

On the first day of crew, the crew leader and youth will go over the Community Service Orientation Handbook.  The Handbook contains all the rules and expectations of the Community Service program.

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