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Please visit the Oregon ePermitting website https://aca-oregon.accela.com/oregon  for information on applying for Building, Manufactured Structure, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Permits for Yamhill County and the following jurisdictions:

Approved City compliance applications will need to be obtained from each City Planning Department and submitted with permit applications before the issuing of permits for all properties within the city limits of Amity, Carlton, Sheridan, Willamina and Yamhill. City compliance is required for mechanical permits within the City of Sheridan only. 

Before a building permit can be issued for residential, other new construction, or manufactured home placement, requirements must be satisfied for (1) land use, (2) subsurface sewage disposal (sanitation), (3) driveway approval, and (4) building plans approvals. Allow a minimum of three weeks for plan checks and processing of building permit applications. When applying for a building permit, you need to submit two sets of plans and a plot plan. The plot plan needs to show distances from property lines, existing structures and septic system, if applicable.

  • The two basic fees for building permits are for a "plan check" and for infield inspections to ensure safe and appropriate construction methods and materials. Fees are generally based upon State-approved formulas for various types of construction, and are calculated according to square footage.
  • Plumbing permit fees are generally based upon fixtures, bathrooms, kitchens, and/or footage of plumbing.
  • Mechanical fees are based on the number of mechanical fixtures.
  • Structures for agricultural use require a zoning permit and $30 fee.
  • New residences also require a park system development fee that is based upon levy code, and may include a construction excise tax.

Inspection code brochure

Inspection code brochure in Spanish

SelecTXT brochure

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Tim Codiga, Building Official
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