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(6 acres)


In Willamina, from the center of the town at the corner of Main Street and Willamina Creek Road, travel north on Willamina Creek Road 4.5 miles. Blackwell Park is on the left and across a small bridge.
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  • Stream
  • Fishing
  • Picnicking
  • Barbecue Pits
  • Toilet

Refreshing Willamina Creek bends around a shady grove of Oregon white oak before cascading over sculped bedrock formations. The creek pools invitingly next to a river rock beach. Shady picnic sites are abundant at this six-acre park.


Mr. & Mrs. Pearl Blackwell and Mr. & Mrs. Paul Blackwell generously donated the park to Yamhill County in 1957.

Native Plant List

  • Oregon white oak
  • Douglas-fir
  • Big leaf maple
  • Oregon ash
  • Indian plum
  • Red-osier dogwood
  • Cascara
  • Oceanspray
  • Elderberry
  • Serviceberry
  • Thimbleberry
  • Trailing blackberry
  • Nootka rose
  • Ninebark
  • Snowberry
  • Oregon grape
  • False solomon's seal
  • Sword fern
  • Lady fern
  • Pearly everlasting

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