Assessor Department

The Assessment & Taxation office of Yamhill County provides quality customer service through the appraisal, assessment and taxation of all real and personal property in the county in a fair and equitable manner as mandated by the State of Oregon.

Our office maintains ownership, legal description, value & tax records and maps for all properties in Yamhill County. It is also the responsibility of the Assessment and Taxation office to calculate, collect and distribute all property taxes, special assessments and fees.

We administer many programs that adjust value, such as: Veterans Exemptions & all other Exemptions, Senior & Disabled Deferrals, Farm & Forest Deferrals and other special use programs

Below you will find the Yamhill County Assessor Staff contact information: 

Assessors Department Main Contact Line: 503-434-7521

Staff Title   Staff Name Contact
Assessor & Tax Collector   Derrick Wharff Email
Deputy Assessor   Jeff Ivie Email
Deputy Tax Collector   Eileen Slater Email
Senior Office Administrator   Patty Landsiedel Email
Chief Appraiser   Jay Moskal Email
Cartographer Analyst   Brian Hansberry Email
Assessment Data Analyst   Shawn Beaton Email
Assessment Specialist Appraisal Support Kari Worden Email
Assessment Specialist Farm/Forest Jourdan Aikens Email
Assessment Specialist Deeds/Exemptions Roxane Henderson Email
Assessment Specialist Manufactured Homes Kimberly Navarro Email
Assessment Specialist   Meghan Gauntt Email
Appraiser Rural Susan DeBolt Email
Appraiser Commercial John Hockman Email
Appraiser Rural Missie Aker Email
Appraiser Residential Sandra Van Bergen Email
Appraiser Residential Norman Olson Email
Appraiser Personal Property Samantha Williams Email

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