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CHL Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process for a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) take?

  • According to ORS 166.292 (1): "If the application for the license is approved, the sheriff shall issue and mail or otherwise deliver to the applicant at the address shown on the application, within 45 days of the application."
  • Please note that the 45 days does not begin until all application materials, including fingerprints (if applicable), are received. CHL applications are processed in the order received, and incomplete applications will be added to the queue once all required documents are received and fingerprinting has been completed (as appropriate).
  • Each license requires an extensive criminal, civil, and mental health background check to be conducted pursuant to Oregon state law.

How do I apply for a Concealed Handgun License (CHL)?

  • Visit our Concealed Handgun License online application website at https://yamhillor.permitium.com/ccw/start
  • Read the Important Notices and General Information. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page to the Concealed Handgun License Requirements section, which lists the documents you’ll need to upload to the application.

*USER TIP: Gather all your documents before moving forward. This will help make sure that you are submitting a complete application, which helps speed up the processing time. Don’t forget to have your credit card handy.*

Which type of application should I submit?

Can I start my application, save my progress, and come back later to finish?

  • No, you must complete an on-line application in its entirety, which includes providing all requested, required documents dependent on your type of application (e.g., valid government issued photo identification with current address; proof of citizenship; current/expired CHL, etc.).
  • If you have all your documentation accessible before you start, the application process takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

How do I fill out the online application?

  • Complete the application in its entirety. All fields marked with a red star are mandatory. Incomplete applications will be subject to withdrawal, and fees paid will not be refunded.
  • Be sure to include a valid cell phone number in the Cell field of the Telephone Number section and click the “Yes” in response to Updates via text message? if you would like text notifications.
  • Be sure the email address and contact numbers used on the application are accurate. This is where notifications from Permitium about your application will be sent.
  • Applicants are responsible for the information they submit. You will not be able to change information on the original application once it has been submitted.
  • Upload all requested, required documents as stipulated.

It’s asking me to upload documents. What if I don’t have a scanner or don’t know how to scan?

  • An alternative to scanning would be to upload a photo. Permitium accepts compatible files up to 5MB.
  • If you are not familiar with how to upload, you may need to reach out to a family member, friend, or your local library for assistance.

*USER TIP: If you have a smart phone or a tablet, you have a scanner! Just take a clean photograph of your document, email it to yourself from your phone or tablet, and then you can save it on your computer and upload the document.*

*ADVANCED USER TIP: Use your smart phone or tablet to complete the entire application! You’ll be able to take photographs of all necessary documents and upload them straight into your application.*

What if I don’t have an email address?

  • The online CHL application requires an email address to communicate with you. If you do not have an email address, there are many services that provide free, basic email, such as Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, etc.
  • If you have no other option, then you may contact Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office for further instructions at (503) 434-7506. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

What can I do to ensure my CHL application is processed as quickly as possible?

How do I check on the status of my application? Should I call you or email you?

  • You can check the status of your application at any time by logging in via the OrderTracker link (https://yamhillor.permitium.com/order_tracker), which is provided in your application confirmation email.
  • Below is the list of possible statuses your application can have and what they mean:
    • Appointment Completed – Your fingerprints have been completed and your application will be assigned to a staff member soon for review.
    • Approved – Your application has been approved by a supervisor and will be finalized soon.
    • Contingently Approved – Your application review has been completed and it has been approved and routed to a supervisor.
    • Contingently Denied – Your application review has been forwarded to a supervisor due to information that may not meet Oregon Revised Statues (ORS) requirements.
    • Delivered – Good news! Your CHL has been approved, printed, and is on its way to you via USPS. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.
    • Denied – Unfortunately, your CHL application has been denied. Per ORS 166.293, you will be receiving a certified letter documenting the reason(s) for the denial and your rights under ORS for appeal.
    • Payment Received - Your application has been received by the system and is being reviewed for completion by Sheriff’s Office staff.
    • Pending – Your application is complete (all documents received and fingerprints completed if applicable) and has been assigned for staff review.
    • Pending Documentation - Your application requires additional documentation. Please check your email for specific documents and click the Order Tracker link to upload your documents. NOTE: We cannot proceed with processing your application until we receive the requested documents.
    • Pending Other – Your application has been reviewed for completeness; pending fingerprinting by the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Please refrain from calling or emailing to check the status; the more time staff spend responding to status inquiries, the less time they have to process applications.
  • Check for messages from Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office as your application progresses via the Order Tracker link provided.
  • Be patient.
  • Remember that all applications are processed as quickly as possible and that you will be notified by email and/or text message, depending on how you set up your application, when your CHL application is approved.
  • Per ORS, the Sheriff’s Office has 45 days from receipt of a complete application to process and issue a CHL.

*USER TIP: Save your original email from [email protected]with the subject line “Yamhill County CHL Application - Your (Renewal) Application Has Been Submitted”. This will allow you to access the Order Tracker at any time to check on the status of your application.*

When can I apply if I am renewing?

  • We do not accept RENEWAL applications more than thirty (30) days in advance of your current CHL expiration. If you attempt to apply early, the system will reject your application.

What happens if I am late applying for my renewal and my CHL is expired?

  • If your current CHL is expired, you may still use the RENEWAL application process. However, pursuant to ORS 166.295, you may not conceal carry until your renewal license has been issued.

What is the fee schedule for a CHL and how do I pay?

Where can I find my CHL number on my CHL card?

  • Please use the SID (State Identification Number) listed on your current CHL for the field labeled CHL # when applying for a RENEWAL.
  • The SID is located on the front of your CHL card, underneath your name.

How can I tell if my uploaded material has been received?

  • During the application process, the system will let you know whether your document was successfully uploaded prior to payment.
  • You can also see the documents you uploaded by signing back into the online CHL application system via the Order Tracker link provided in the email confirmation.
  • You cannot reopen or delete uploaded documents, but you can see whether or not the file was successfully uploaded. Applicants are responsible for ensuring they are submitting documents in an acceptable format (PDF, JPG/JPEG, PNG, or TIF/TIFF).

Help! I’m having technical difficulties. Should I call the Sheriff’s Office?

  • If you experience technical issues during application submission, please contact Permitium Tech Support at (855) 642-2453 for assistance.
  • Permitium Customer Technical Support is available 5am to 5pm PT Monday through Friday.
    • If all support technicians are busy, the caller will be prompted to leave a message so that Permitium can return their call. 
  • Outside of support hours, callers will be able to leave a message and their call will be returned during the next business day.
  • Customers may also contact Permitium by emailing Customer Technical Support at [email protected].

How long will I have to respond to requests for additional documents?

  • You will have thirty (30) days to respond to requests for additional information or documentation from the date of the email notice, or your application will be subject to denial.
  • All processing fees are non-refundable. Failure to respond to requests in the stated timeline will mean loss of application fees and will require you to submit another application.

Can I submit a Name Change request online?

I need to renew my CHL but I’ve moved since the last time it was issued. Do I fill out two applications?

I’ve moved, but I’m still in Yamhill County. Do I need to let you know my new address? Can I submit that online?

I changed my address with DMV but they no longer issue stickers to put on my driver’s license. How do I show proof I have been a resident of Yamhill County for at least 6 months?

  • Acceptable proof of residency includes:
    • A registered voter notification card with name and address..
    • Documentation such as a lease agreement, property tax statement, or utility bill with name and address.
    • Oregon tax return for most recent year with name and address. .

I’ve lost my CHL card! Can I apply for a replacement online?

Is there any way of getting an earlier fingerprint appointment or being placed on a waiting list?

  • Fingerprinting is scheduled through the online CHL application for those applications that require it (NEW and TRANSFER). All available appointments are listed for you to select from.
  • Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office does not have a waiting list. 

I missed my fingerprinting appointment! What do I do?

  • You may reschedule by signing back into your account via the Order Tracker link provided to you in your initial application email.
  • After a second no show appointment, the application will be withdrawn, and all fees will be retained by Yamhill County.

What do I need to bring to my fingerprinting appointment?

  • Your government issued photo identification with current address residing in Yamhill County (e.g., DMV issued driver license or ID card, US Passport, etc.).
  • Originals of all other documents submitted as part of your application. We will verify the documents and return them to you before you leave.
  • You do NOT need to print and present your application packet. You may choose to download/print your application packet for your records only.
  • If you do not bring your identification or original documents, you will not be fingerprinted and you will be required to reschedule as outlined above.

Where do I go for my scheduled CHL fingerprinting appointment?

  • Fingerprinting services are located at the Yamhill County Courthouse, located at 535 NE 5th Street, McMinnville, OR 97128. Please enter through main courthouse doors facing 5th Street, proceed through security, and continue to Room 127.
  • Because fingerprinting services are inside the Courthouse, you may not bring your firearm(s) with you.

Do I have to take a photograph every time?

  • Yes.
    • For NEW and TRANSFER applications, this photograph will be taken at your scheduled fingerprinting appointment.
    • For RENEWAL applications, you may drop-in for photos during our walk-in hours, Monday – Friday, 10 am – 4 pm.

How will I know if my particular circumstance will allow me to obtain a CHL Permit?

  • Each CHL application is unique and evaluated on its own merits pursuant to the guidelines outlined in ORS 166.291.

How long is a CHL permit good for?

  • Oregon CHLs are valid for 4 years from date of issuance, unless otherwise revoked or denied.

I still have questions! How can I contact the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office regarding my CHL?

  • If you experience technical issues during application submission, please contact Permitium Tech Support at (855) 642-2453 for assistance. 
  • Permitium Customer Technical Support is available 5am to 5pm PT Monday through Friday.
    • If all support technicians are busy, the caller will be prompted to leave a message so that Permitium can return their call. 
  • Outside of support hours, callers will be able to leave a message and their call will be returned during the next business day. Customers may also contact Permitium by emailing Customer Technical Support at [email protected].
  • If your question is specific to your CHL application, you may contact YCSO at (503) 434-7506 Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM or via email at [email protected].

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