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ANNOUNCEMENT: Yamhill County Clerk to conduct a Supplemental Election December 20, 2022.
Ballot Error Regarding City of Newberg Councilor Races; Elections Officials Move Contest to Supplemental Election in December.
We regret to inform you that a ballot printing error in the Newberg City Councilor races will result in that contest being postponed to a supplemental election on December 20, 2022. Please vote as you normally would. No other contests on the ballot will be affected.
If voters have a city councilor race on their November ballot, they can mark their choice or not. It won’t matter. The contest will not be counted.
The mayoral race is not impacted by the ballot printing error and voters should mark their choice for Mayor on their November ballot.
Please read the full press release here
     Press Release - October 26, 2022
     Press Release - October 26, 2022 (Spanish)
Notice: Important Notice Regarding City of Newberg Election 10/21/2022
The Yamhill County Clerk’s office was made aware of an error on ballots mailed to residents within the City of Newberg after 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 20th. Our office, the City of Newberg and the Oregon Secretary of State’s Elections Division immediately convened a response team upon hearing of the issue to develop an appropriate remedy. Voters who are seeing this news today can still vote their current ballot as they normally would. Please see the directive issued from the Secretary of State. No other races have been impacted, ONLY the City of Newberg Council races. The Secretary of State’s office will provide the County and City with support on elections administration and public education to carry out this directive.
Public Notice: Public Certification of Ballot Counting System. YCC - Press Release Public Certification Notice

Office open and back to normal hours.
Please refer to our Locations & Hours for specific times for passports, marriage licenses, and recording.

We have no public restrooms available.
What is the Yamhill County Clerk
The county clerk is a nonpartisan elected official as provided in the Oregon Constitution and serves a term of four years.
The duties of the office include:
The official keeper of all public records for the county;
The recorder of land records and liens;
The clerk of the Board of Commissioners;
The clerk to the Board of Property Tax Appeals;
Issuer of marriage licenses;
Performs civil marriage ceremonies
Issuer of county business licenses;
United States Passport acceptance officer;
Chief election officer of the county.
The county clerk does not provide any court services. For court-related services contact the Trial Court Clerk (503)434-7530.  The staff of the Yamhill County clerk's office is dedicated to providing quality customer service, in a professional and efficient manner.


Veterans Recognition Program
Our new Veterans Recognition Program recognizes retired veterans in Yamhill County!
If you are a Veteran, bring in your original DD-214 and this form to our office.
If you own a business, please sign up to become a recognized “Proud Participant” in the program. Complete this Business Application and submit it to our office as soon as you are able.
For more information, please call our office.  

Marriage Licenses & Passports Appointments are Required
Marriage Licenses

After you have completed and submitted your application, please call (503) 434-7518 to make an appointment to confirm, sign, pay and you’re on your way…

No Photo Services Available On Site
Please check out these alternate photograph locations:
•  Walgreens  •  WalMart  •  Staples  •  UPS  •
Please review your photo against the U. S. Department of State’s requirements before coming to our office to process your Passport application. Click the "Visit The Passport Page" button for more information.
Please call (503) 434-7518 to make an appointment.

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