General Tax Questions:

What is Measure 5?

What is Measure 50?

Why did my taxes go up more then 3%?

How is property valued?

My Property was damaged or destroyed by events beyond my control, is it possible to prorate my property taxes?

Where are property ownership records kept?

I received a sales verification letter from the assessor's office, why?

How do I change my mailing address?

You have an incorrect property address on my account, how do I change it?

What value do I pay taxes on?

How are my taxes calculated?

What can I do if I disagree with the value of my property as shown on my tax statement?

How do I appeal county board decisions?

How do I appeal magistrate decisions?

What is the difference between the RMV, MAV, and AV?


The cartography Department of the Assessor's office is the record keeper for ownership of all property in Yamhill
County,the plat map maintenance of those ownership boundaries and the taxing districts they are located in.

How does ownership change?

What do I need to do to add my new married name to my tax account?

I filed a boundary line adjustment survey. Why doesn't the map reflect it?

Why is the road leading to my property not shown on your map, it has a name on it?

How do I remove a deceased spouse's name from our tax account?

Why doesn't the Planning Dept. recognize my tax lot as a buildable lot?

How do I get a copy of the plat map of a property?


What is a Senior Citizens or Disabled Citizens Property Tax Deferral?

What deferral programs could I qualify for?

How do I qualify for one of these deferral programs?

How do I apply for a deferral?


What are exemptions?

Does a non-profit organization have to pay property taxes?

Can a non-profit organization get an exemption on a bare piece of land to be used as a future building site?

We will be buying or leasing property after the April 1 filing deadline, can we still get an exemption?

Disabled Veteran or Surviving Spouse Exemption:

What is a Veteran's Exemption, and how do I qualify and apply for it?

I am the widow of a Veteran. Do I qualify for a Veteran's Exemption?


What are farm and forestland assessments?

What does Potential Tax Liability mean?

Manufactured Structures:

Do I have to pay taxes on my manufactured home?

Why did the ownership change on my real property account and not the manufactured home account?

Exempting a Manufactured Structure from an ownership document?

Demolishing a Manufactured Structure?

I am a landlord wishing to file for abandonment of a manufactured structure?

My Manufactured Structure is still on a separate tax statement even though I filed papers to make it Exempt from title and therefore considered to be real property?

What do I do if I want to move my Manufactured Structure?

What do I do if I want to sell my Manufactured Structure?

Personal Property:

What is personal property?

How is personal property appraised?

My form was filed before the March 15 deadline, but was returned as "Incomplete," if I cannot get it back before the deadline is it considered late?

How much is the late penalty?

I am a new owner, or a new business and knew nothing about filing personal property; can the penalty be waived?

We are an exempt organization, why do we have to file a personal property return?

We are a non-profit organization, why are we paying taxes on our personal property?

I'm not in business any longer; do I still have to file a return?

We have incorporated since our last filing and the assets do not belong to the corporation, do we still have to report them?

I sold my business, but you sent me a form. What do I do with it?

Why was my form sent back to me marked "Incomplete?"

Can penalties be charged for late filing of a current year's real or personal property return be appealed by the board?

I didn't receive a form, does that mean I don't have to file one?

I received a Confidential Personal Property Return in the mail, how do I complete it?

Residential Property:

How is residential property appraised?

I recently purchased my "new" house and there is no improvement value on my tax statement. Why not?

You have valued my house for more than it cost me to build it, why is that?

Why are my neighbor's taxes lower than mine?

Why am I not being taxed on my sales price?

If I find an error in the square footage of my house, or the acreage of my property can a correction be made?

I need an appraisal to get a loan; can you do that for me?

I am going to build a new garage/carport or add concrete/blacktop to my property, what will my taxes be?

Are portable buildings and garden sheds taxable?


What is Urban Renewal?

How does Urban Renewal work?

What is the Local Option Tax?