Community Service Work Projects

YCJCD Community Service Program in involved in projects that include: clearing brush from canyons, blackberries from hillsides and leaves from frequently used areas around the county.

Cord Wood Projects
Cutting and selling wood is one of the major work projects that the Community Service Program participates in. Wood is donated to the program from various sources in the county. Work Crews recover wood from various locations, cut, split and deliver to members of the community.

Local schools enlist the Community Service Program to assist in various work projects which include cleaning up after football games, trimming hedges, cleaning up litter, painting, spreading bark chips and weeding.

Throughout the year, work crews clear & develop trails, rake & clear debris, build structures, provides litter and graffiti removal and other projects as requested by parks personnel.

Rates and Contact Information
Rates vary on each job. Please feel free to call (503) 434-7433 - extension # 1, for more information, or complete and send the  request form to us with a description of your project.

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