Yamhill County Juvenile Corrections Division (YCJCD) Community Service program's mission is to provide youth a structured working environment to assist in their community service obligations, fees, fines and restitution.

The Community Service program provides youth the opportunity to gain knowledge in job skills that promote a safe, stable and enriching environment. YCJCD Community Service program requires participation with lessons in respect, accountability, teamwork, social skills and cultural awareness.

YCJCD division crew leaders are dedicated to youth and their success in completing their commitment to the court. It is our hope that all youth finish their commitment while learning skills that will help them in the future.

YCJCD work crews are supervised by division crew leaders. Division crew leaders transport juvenile work crews to designated work sites throughout the county. Juveniles work under direct supervision of division crew leaders at all times. Juveniles assigned to work crews are adjudicated youth offenders or on informal probation.

In order to give youth daily feed back on their performance, the program relies heavily on the following score system:

  • 5 - Excellent
  • 4 - Above average
  • 3 - Satisfactory
  • 2 - Below average
  • 1 - Unacceptable

The following areas are scored each working day:

Attendance/Punctuality: The youth must arrive on time and be ready to work. If late or ill, they must phone in to the Juvenile Department.

Attitude: The youth must have a positive and cooperative attitude. They must have a respectful and responsible attitude towards the work program and the Court System in general.

Work Effort: The youth must put forth a consistent work effort throughout the day. They must motivate themselves without the need for extended supervision.

Peer Relations: The youth must interact appropriately with other youth on crew.

Staff Relations: The youth must interact appropriately with staff. All youth must be respectful, honest and cooperative.

Safety: The youth must work in a safe manner for both himself/herself and those around them.

Staff averages all scores. This average is the youth's final score for that day. Staff averages all scores. This average is the youth's final score for that day. A score of three or above is necessary for the youth to pass the day.

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