Yamhill County Jail - Mail


You may send letters in envelopes or postcards addressed to the inmate. The mail should be addressed to:

Yamhill County Jail
535 NE 5th St.
McMinnville, OR 97128

Please be aware that:

  • Mail must include a legible return address on the outside of the envelope or postcard or it will be destroyed.
  • We do not receive mail on Saturdays. Mail arrives Monday through Friday in the afternoon and will be processed and handed out to the inmates the following morning.
  • Inmates are permitted to receive publications direct from the publisher if approved by the Jail Commander or their designee.


  • Mail must be free of foreign substances, such as bodily fluids, hair, lipstick, perfume, glitter, glue, or paint.
  • No sexually explicit material.
  • No cash, money orders, checks, or other forms of currency will be accepted through the mail.
  • Mail may not contain any unusual stains or odors.
  • No stickers, decals, tape, and/or stamps.
  • No dried or pressed flowers.
  • No plastic postcards/greeting cards.
  • No content of criminal activity or escape plans.
  • No inmate to inmate mail.


  • If we determine that we cannot deliver your mail to the inmate, we will notify you (remember to always include your RETURN ADDRESS) and the inmate of the reasons that the mail was not delivered and information about how to appeal that decision.

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